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  • grey stuffed bunny on black background

    Meet our
    newest bunny!

  • pink stuffed bunny on black background

    Baby Safe and Made With
    The Softest Machine Washable
    Fabrics Available

  • Matching set of blue and chocolate products

    Combine the Ear-Resitable™ Puppy or Bunny with matching blankets, lovies, burp pads, and pillow cases.

  • Pink Puppy with brown ears and his nose is a pocket for the tooth fairyTooth fairy says The nose pocket makes my job easy
  • Blue Bunny on black background

    Embroider a name,
    or birthdate on any of our products.
    Puppies and bunnies can be embroidered in both ears!

  • the ear-resistible bunnies
  • Introducing the Grey Ear-Resistible™ Bunny
  • The Pink Ear-Resistible™ Bunny with Custom Embroidery
  • Create Unforgettable Gift Sets
  • The Nose is a Pocket for the Tooth Fairy!
  • The Ear-Resistible™ Puppy with Custom Embroidery
  • The Ear-Resistible™ Bunnies

Welcome to Have 2 Have It

Home of the originalEar-Resistible™ Bunny & Ear-Resistible™ Puppy

When you touch our products,
you'll know how we chose our name.

If you are shopping for your own child or looking for the perfect baby gift, you've come to the right place.
Have 2 Have It has luxurious items for adults too!


Our Ear-Resistible™ plush bunnies and puppies have oversized ears and a nose that holds a tooth for the toothfairy to find. Perfect pastel colors and trend aware patterns make Ear-Resistible™ products some of the cutest baby gifts available anywhere. We offer matching accessories including blankets, lovies, burp pads, and pillow cases. At Have 2 Have It we make stuffed animals and accessories that are just like your children - adorable.


Touch one, and you'll know why.Give one to your child, and they may never let go.

Ultra-soft Minky, Minky-dot, and bridal quality satin fabrics make our products a joy to touch. High quality filling makes our stuffed animals and pillows feel like touching a cloud. When you give a gift from Have 2 Have It, everyone will want to touch it. Babies and children think our products are totally huggable.


All Have 2 Have It products are durable and machine washable! What good is a child's blanket or toy if it can't get dirty? When you take our easy care products out of the dryer looking like new, you'll know that they are designed for years of enjoyment. Moms everywhere know that if it's for children, it has to be washable.


Cute, cuddly, and built to last. The original Ear-Resistible™ Bunnies were only available at trade shows, but now you can have all of the original Ear-Resistible™ products delivered right to your door.

Our Products are made with pride in the USA.

We still travel the show circuit, and we'd love to see you.

Check out our Events Page To find out where we'll be this season.

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