How do I care for my new Products?

All of our products are machine washable!! Wash them with Woolite® on gentle then put them in the dryer on air fluff.

Can I Personalize My Purchase Online?

ABSOLUTELY!! Our new system makes it easy to get great results. We can embroider a name, a monogram, or even a date. 
PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING! We are not responsible for misspellings.
Once we receive the order and personalize it we cannot change it.  Custom embroidery will show through on the reverse side. You can choose a thread color on most product color combinations. Certain products do not offer thread color choices, and we always choose the font that looks best for the letters we are embroidering. You can trust that our experience will give you a beautiful finished product.

What is a monogram?

Monograms are initials only. They are displayed in the order of First, Last, and Middle Names. For example, if your name is Peggy Sue Jones, your monogram would be PJS. The system will ask for first, middle, and last names, and we will place the initials in the correct order (First, Last and Middle).

Why do you ask for the recipient's gender?

This is how we determine the font to use for custom embroidery.  Certain combinations of letters look strange in certain fonts.  We can avoid this by choosing a font that makes your embroidery look great while remaining gender appropriate.

Do we have to order online? Can we purchase in person?

No, you do not have to order online. While it is the fastest and most convenient way, you can also purchase from us directly. We invite you to come see us at a show or event. Check out our Events Page for details.

What if my product has a defect?

We screen every product, but from time to time we may miss something. If you receive a product that you believe is defective, please notify us immediately. We will be happy to work with you. A product is deemed defective if there is an obvious problem with its manufacture. These things would be an unsewn seam or a tear not caused by shipping.

What is your return and refund policy?

Because most orders are personalized, we do not generally accept returns. If you have an issue, please Contact Us, and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Can I be removed from your mailing and marketing list?

We hate to see you go!! But we understand, please send us an email and let us know. Contact Us

What if my product becomes damaged?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products, we do not offer any warranties. If you take proper care of your product, it should last for years to come. We are not responsible for damage caused by normal wear and tear of the item. If your product has been damaged, we will be willing to work with you to repair your item, but additional charges will apply. Please Contact Us for further details.