Review from Katharine

Purchased one of your blankets this past October, and love it. Just placed an order for two more (to keep peace in the family 🙂 ) I live in Allen and would be happy to pick the order up. Great product….washes exceptionally well!!!! Your company is great-love the story behind the name. Will definitely be a returning customer!!!!!!!

Review from Andrew
As promised (6 months ago) here are the pictures of my nephews. They love all of the items. I’m flying up to see them next weekend… I’ll be sure to get more pictures of them with their goods!


Review from Heidi

I met you at Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson Mississippi.  I told you I would send you a picture of my yorkie, Riley.  She has fallen in love with my blanket.  She wants one all for herself now…..maybe you should think about doing one baby blanket size.  I think she would drag it around with her.

Review from Leslie
When I was pregnant with Jaysie, a friend bought the bunny for her and we put it in her crib.  She has loved the bunny since she was big enough to hold it.  She is 2 now and carries her bunny with her EVERYWHERE we go!  We literally cannot go to the store or up the street without “Bun.”   She sleeps with her bunny every night.  When she is not feeling well or tired, she will get her bunny and rub it’s ear and suck her thumb.  It is like her security blanket and her best friend.  Thank you so much for making the bunnies.  My daughter loves hers.

Review from Julie
I was really happy with the blue puppy and the embroidery…Thank you so much for the excellent work!

Since I have bought one for all the new babies I will have to get one for myself in the not so distant future…Thanks again for a Great Product that Makes all the Babies and Mom’s happy!

Julia T